Photo by Bob Stephens

Photo by Bob Stephens

My Total Solar
Eclipse Chases:

11 2013 Uganda (Nov 3)
10 2012 Australia (Nov 13)
9 2010 South Pacific (Jul 11)
8 2008 China (Aug 8)
7 2006 Libya (Mar 29)
6 2005 India (Oct 24)
5 2001 Zambia/Botswana (Jun 21)
4 1999 Turkey (Aug 11)
3 1998 Curacao (Feb 26)
2 1994 Bolivia (Nov 3)
1 1991 Baja (Jul 11)
Photo from TravelQuest brochure

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Eclipse #11 UGANDA 2013

This was my 11th total solar eclipse. Every eclipse I have set out to see—I have seen. My first total solar eclipse (TSE) viewing was the 1991 eclipse, in Baja, to view the very long TSE—a trip sponsored by TravelBug. According to the advising astronomer, Jay Anderson, Baja had the highest chance for seeing the eclipse. We did see the eclipse, and I was bowled over with awe. Hawai’i, the other option, it turned out, was clouded out. In choosing my destination, I always “play the percentages”, that is, go with a destination that has a high statistical chance for seeing the eclipse. I remember this much: the experience was Wondrous, and inspired my ­subsequent eclipse-chasing.

Photo by Judith Shanks

I am very pleased that Jay and Judy Anderson were our group leaders. And that I was able to be in their small group. Excellent. Photo by Judith Shanks.

I really love TravelQuest, and how Aram runs his ­company. I always feel well taken care of. Staff was excellent, including drivers and guides. Judy Anderson, wife of main leader, was my angel. She ­endeared herself to me by taking my arm--she could see I was having trouble on my own. After that, she always made sure I had something or someone to hold onto. I was so grateful, and thank you fellow travelers, for your help in negotiating the rough terrain.