Bora Bora

The distinctive basalt prominence of Mount Otemanu makes Bora Bora immediately recognizable. Ancient Polynesians called it Parapora, or “firstborn,” believing it to be the first island created after Raiatea. Located 150 miles northwest of Tahiti in the leeward Society Islands, the main island of Bora Bora lies in the center of a multicolored lagoon, surrounded by offshore “motu” islets. In the center of the lagoon, one side of the extinct volcano remains standing although the crater has eroded and is now submerged.

Bora Bora glorious sunset.
Our day at Bora Bora ended with a glorious sunset.
The distinctive profile of Mount Oteman
We passed the distinctive profile of Mount Otemanu several times on our way to and
from our picnic on Motu Mahana.

Rainbow Rainbow Rainbow
A rainbow leapt from the island to arc across the sky above our ship.