Papeete and Farewell

On this trip you can generally recognize me by my pink hat and glasses. Here I stop for a photo-op with Jay and Judy Anderson as we walk to the Ministry of Tourism office in Papeete where I would buy the postcard shown on the opening page. In addition to the postcard we also bought tee-shirts. Perhaps you will see me wearing on my next trip.


My sister Carol Weil, a fine photographer, has generously shared her photos with me. Except where noted, all photos of this trip are hers.

Thank you for sharing the trip, Carol, and thank you to all fellow-chasers, for sharing this passion and this adventure. And to Aram and team, for making it all happen. And thanks for editing to Bobbie Conlan, for web design to Jeanne Berger, and for technical help to Bob Rudolph.

Except where noted, Images were taken by Carol Weil.

Jay & Judy Anderson & Judith